Brewhaha is a no-frills kind of place. The beige walls to the left and right of the entrance are lined with 8-foot high shelves stocked with ingredients, recipe books and equipment. On the back wall sit two refrigerators filled with 
more ingredients.

The store sells kits that include everything a first-time brewer will need right up to the moment the beer is bottled.

For beginners, we suggests starting with ale. Lagers are more difficult because they require the beer to remain between 45 and 52 degrees during fermentation depending on the brew. Too warm, and the beer will develop less-than-desirable tastes, and the yeast can even die; too cold, and the beer 
won’t ferment. Ale, on the other hand, can ferment in a warmer environment and allows for more fluctuation 
in temperature.

Brewhaha is more than a make-your-own-beer store. We also offers everything customers need to make their own cheeses and even grow 
oyster mushrooms.